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Our project arose from the need of today's woman to feel free and positive. 

Our brand was inspired by it, L'CIELO is a light, soft, fresh, free and cheerful lifestyle. In addition, our purpose is to convey emotions to the woman of today, through the clothes and colors that denote and inspire. 

L'CIELO is pleased to show colorful garments that will be presented during the launch of the brand and can enjoy it in each of the seasons. To begin we will see L'CIELO in its initial color, in blue, like the clear skies, strong skies, until the night in a beautiful darkening of blues until reaching the black. For L'CIELO It is a pleasure to associate the sensations that project the colors, with the lifestyle that is desired, today, light, soft, fresh, free and positive. Our campaign is aimed at every woman and we begin with shades of blue as the sky, resplendent with energy. Blue is a serene, deep relaxing color and also transmits harmony. We will ask why L'CIELO is presented in 4 categories of sales?  After knowing the object of L'CIELO, we find the opportunity for women to make purchases according to their emotions and needs. 

Today you ask yourself, do you want a change? Want to relax? Want to give them a change to the colors of your clothes? Do you want to change the style of dressing when you get home after work? Want to change costumes for the weekends? Do you want home clothes? Do you want to feel attractive and comfortable? L'CIELO gives you the opportunity to choose according to what you need at the moment, like: 


Our image is you, our emblem are you, so we decided that our image of the brand is a girl like you, which is shown as the girl L'CIELO, she will represent each of the women who want a free lifestyle. We invite you to this collection, waiting for you to identify yourself and enjoy your emotions.  

Good Look! Here we show you a little bit of the work team that helped us to reach our project.


Alexander Salas - Content, Marketing Strategies & Photography

Ana Teresa Urdaneta - Psychologist & Social Media Coordinator 

Marcelo Ciaramella - Marketing, Social Media & Ecommerce Consultant 

Joseph Weinstein - Trade Mark Registration

José Luis García - Web Designer Express - Website Developer 

Sonia Jiménez - Accountant and Inspiration 

Marielisa Müller - Senior Art Director - Another Müller - L'CIELO Logo Design & Image 

Marcos Quijada - Social Media Adviser & Tourism Agent

Francis Gonzalez - Social Media Adviser & Inspiration

Mari Lara - Sales Consultant & Inspiration

Elisa Rodríguez - Accessories Design

Lizbeth Ponce - L'CIELO Inspirational Logo Proposal

Isora Villahermosa - Psychologist & Inspiration

Carla Croes - Adviser & Inspiration

Carmen Sardina - Dressmaker, Arrangement, and Inspiration

Graphink Inc. - Stationery Design & Impression

Andreina Aranguren - Marketing Consultant

May Leiva - Business Account Advisor

 Valeria and Andrea - Inspiring daughters

 !Valeria Salas! Youtube. 

Vilma Ponce - Owner & Founder

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